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Offshore Outsourcing and Scammers for your information

Offshore Outsourcing and Scammers : By Rudolf Faix
Here we have an excerpts directly from , which is a blog about offshore outsourcing and scammer in outsourcing industry. To read full articles or more information you can click on 'read more'.

An UK company needs to hide themselves: LEADCO LIMITED -
LEADCO LIMITED - is sharing their address with more than 15,000 other companies. This fact shows that the company is nothing else than a shell company. Additional is the capital from the company is only £100. That would be enough for a candy shop but not for a real business... Read more 

Scammer: Govindaraj Hariharan - Manickam Tamilselvan -

The scammer Govindaraj Hariharan with his Company Bernice Solutions Private Limited and his website is not a broker or consultant. He is only a scammer, which is not intelligent enough for a real scam. He likes only to underline his own credibility by calling other people, who seems even not to exists, to be a scammer... Read more 

Scammer: - Jason Macosme - likes to get campaigns with lies

The scammer - Jason Macosme from the Philippines likes to have special experience in campaigns which cannot get outsourced by law from the traditional outsourcing countries. In the About section of his website he shows a person as CEO which died September 30, 2015. His big problem is that the domain got registered April 29, 2016 - at this time the "CEO" has been already 7 months dead.... Read more 

Scammer: - Kshitij Tripathi - Gaurav Sharma
The scammer: - Kshitij Tripathi - Gaurav Sharma tried even to use other existing or similar sounding company names for blurring their own tracks. The provided company names from Kshitij Tripathi at LinkedIn Apostle BPO Out Sourcing & Info Solution Services or at Facebook Apostle BPO Outsourcing Solution can get found by an search at the website of the Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs.... Read more

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