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Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Future Is Electric Vehicles - That Are Hitting The Road By 2020

"It's looking like the 2020s will be the decade of the electric car."

Bloomberg's Tom Randall summarized the research and offered four critical drivers for the predictions to become reality and for EVs to reach a tipping point:

# 1. Governments must offer incentives to lower the costs.

# 2. Manufacturers must accept extremely low profit margins.

# 3. Customers must be willing to pay more to drive electric.

# 4. The cost of batteries must come down.

"By 2040, long-range electric cars will cost less than $22,000 (in today's dollars), according to the projections. Thirty-five percent of new cars worldwide will have a plug."

Major automakers, including General Motors and Volkswagen, have vowed to roll out more than one fully electric car by 2020. Here's a look at some of the vehicles hitting the roads in the next few years.


Volvo's CEO Hakan Samuelsson said that by 2020, 10 per cent of its global sales will be from electrified vehicles. The company said it will roll out its first all-electric vehicle by 2019. Volvo hasn't released any details about its first fully electric EV. However, it's likely to have a range comparable to its competitors of 240 km per charge or more.

Mercedes B-class Electric Drive

Mercedes-Benz is aiming to launch at least one electric car by 2018. Daimler, which is Mercedes-Benz's parent company, already has two all-electric cars. But the company plans to launch at least one new all-electric car by 2018. Daimler's chief development officer Thomas Weber said the company will debut a prototype of an electric vehicle with a range of 498 km per charge at the next Paris Motor Show.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 aims to begin production by the end of 2017. Tesla Model 3 has a starting range of more than 200 miles per charge and can go from zero to 10 km/h in just six seconds. The car will cost $35,000 before incentives and will be about 20 per cent smaller than the company's Model S. 

However, it can still seat five people comfortably.

Faraday Future

Faraday Future says it will have a car on the road within the next four years. The mysterious car startup Faraday Future is promising it will have a car on the road sometime during the next few years. Faraday told Tech Insider at CES that it's working on having its first production car on the roads in the next few years.


Porsche plans to begin making its Mission E Concept by 2020 Porsche also unveiled an impressive electric car concept, dubbed as the Mission E. It boasts of a range of about 498 km per charge and is capable of charging about 80 percent in just 15 minutes. The car will also be capable of going from zero to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds.


SUV Audi will launch its first electric by 2018. Audi confirmed that it is planning to begin production of its first all-electric SUV at its Brussels plant in 2018. The new vehicle will be inspired by the company's e-tron quattro concept. It will have three motors, a range of 498 km on a single charge and quick charging capabilities.

General Motors

Bolt EV is going into production this year. General Motors revealed the production model of its first affordable, long-range car called the Chevrolet Bolt EV. The car will become available by the end of 2016 and have a range of about 320 km per charge.

Tesla Roadster

Tesla has plans to introduce a next-gen Roadster in 2019. Tesla will reveal the new model in 2019, according to a statement by CEO Elon Musk last year. Musk said in the statement that the new car will be capable of going from zero to 100 km/h in less than 2.8 seconds, which is faster than its cars can go in 'Ludicrous Mode'.

Janhavi Kashyap - Fropki

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kashmir - The Paradise on Earth

"I've never seen anywhere in the world as beautiful as Kashmir. It has something to do with the fact that the valley is very small and the mountains are very big, so you have this miniature countryside surrounded by the Himalayas, and it's just spectacular. And it's true, the people are very beautiful too."
--- Salman Rushdie

Kashmir is really beautiful. It is a land of heaven place and where there is paradise. The nature over yonder gives more significant serenity and the positive vitality in oneself, it makes you feel afresh.

Kashmir is the place where there is excellence. A motivation for so much workmanship, music and verse, Kashmir is heaven; a nature significant other's wonderland and a customer's blessing from heaven. Kashmir is best place for tourism.
It was the sheer delight of arrival in 

Kashmir – a place where one always wanted to go. A place of which beauty is always talked about, a place which has been in the news for all the reasons, a place where greatest of the Shammi Kapoor's movies were shot!

Magnificence of Kashmir

Kashmir is in the northwest Jammu the most gone to a portion of Jammu and Kashmir State-run. The Mughals called Kashmir 'Heaven on Earth' where they ventured over the hot fields of India, to the cool valleys in summer.

In winter, when snow covers the mountains and all over is snow and snow, there is skiing, tobogganing, sledge-riding, and so forth along the high slants. 

In spring and summer seasons, the excellence of Kashmir is at its crest amid summer seasons, the entire valley is a mosaic of shifting shades of green trees, rice fields, knolls, trees, and so on. In pre-winter seasons, Kashmir's loveliest season, is towards September, when green swings to gold and after that to chestnut and red this seasons draws in the travelers towards this valley. 

In the winter seasons snow covers this scenes being viewed from adjacent to the glow of a flame is a delight that can't be portrayed and no words for it to clarify any individual who has not experienced it. A few houseboats and inns stay open in winter and it is loaded with a ton numerous travelers amid winter.

Srinagar, The capital of Kashmir:

Srinagar is a standout amongst the most excellent spot of Kashmir Srinagar is situated in the heart of the Kashmir valley spread on both sides of the waterway Jhelum.

Today Srinagar is a best resort for the visitor who can encounter the wonderful magnificence of the valley that has pulled in the Chinese, the Mughals and the British to its excellence.

Its conduits mirrors their way of life and the sparkle of streaming water, the remarkable Houseboat, the blooming and bright gardens, water sports exercises, looking for affectionately carefully assembled artworks and all the resorts make it a rich and great spot among those searching for a paramount occasion or who need to invested their relaxation energy.


Rugs, woodwork and shawls are the pride of spot among the handiworks of Kashmir. Mats are a great deal commendable items. This area additionally has numerous sorts of organic products which are of awesome taste including Apples, Apricots, Walnuts and Plums which are well known. Countless visit it in summers. The entire valley gives captivating and excellent view and makes the general population to stay here. 


House boats are the excellence of Kashmir, Many people are pulled in to the Srinagar with the appeal of staying at houseboat which gives them living over water in exquisite rooms and every one of the luxuries gave in lodging. These houseboats are flawlessly improved have fine furniture, great covers and clean likewise gives the great quality sustenance and a wide range of suppers for the guests and additionally contain gallery and lounge area additionally give water association. There are 1087 enrolled houseboats in Srinagar.


The Kashmir individuals love rice. They love to eat rice. They don't consider a lunch or a dinner or even a feast without rice.


Kashmiri people speak Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi, hindko. 

Once you are in Pahalgam, you will get to know all the reasons, why this ... hill station is among the most sought after destinations in Jammu and Kashmir!

Kashmir - An Earthly Paradise!

Top Ten Places to Visit in Paris

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Power of Thoughts

Believe in yourself and "you can reach your goals"

Thoughts are the starting point to all that we do, both good and bad, either success or failure. People underestimate the power of thought. Thoughts are things. They are energy. Every thought leaves its trace upon our minds.

What we let into our minds and hold onto governs what our circumstances and our actions are.

Each individual has the seeds of success within him. The seeds of success are the thoughts that they carry around with them. We are all the product of our own thinking and beliefs.

"Every thought seed sown or allowed to fall into the mind, and take root there, produces its own, blossoming sooner or later into act, and bearing its own fruitage of opportunity and circumstances."

James Allen has said:

"Sustained mind control is one of the most difficult endeavors one may undertake but it is also one of the most rewarding.

Create and control your thoughts and you can become what you want to become. A person can live the way they want to live when they learn to think what they want to think."

You are what you think about most of the time. A person who is seeking success and a higher life, strives to keep their mind on the positive and the constructive. We gradually grow into what we are holding in our minds.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. And with our thoughts, we make our world."

Buddha has said:

"If you want to make positive changes in your life, you need to begin with what is in your mind. Our thoughts are the tools with which we build our lives."

The key is to keep your mind on the big picture and the goals leading to it. Think only of what you want, not on what you don’t want.

Replace negative thinking, unproductive worrying, and thoughts of fear with positive, imaginative, and constructive thinking.

“Your life is controlled by your thoughts. Your thoughts are controlled by your goals.”

Hold your ideal in your mind until it becomes a mental habit. Focus on it to the exclusion of all other things until it becomes a reality.

Slowly but surely, sustained positive thinking creates an irresistible momentum. People begin to notice a change in you. More opportunities come your way. You feel more confident. Gradually your outer environment begins to grow in the likeness of your inner environment.

Believe in yourself 
"you can reach your goals"

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bioenergy Healing and Beyond - Live with Positivity

Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto, The Positive Power of Thoughts!

Masaru Emoto was born in Yokohama, Japan in July 1943 and a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University's department of humanities and sciences with a focus on International Relations. In 1986 he established the IHM Corporation in Tokyo. In October of 1992 he received certification from the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Subsequently he was introduced to the concept of micro cluster water in the US and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. The quest thus began to discover the mystery of water.

He undertook extensive research of water around the planet not so much as a scientific researcher, but more from the perspective of an original thinker.

At length he realized that it was in the frozen crystal form that water showed us its true nature through.

He has gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research and discovery that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.

He is the author of the best-selling books Messages from Water, The Hidden Messages in Water, and The True Power of Water. He is a long-time advocate for peace in relation to water. He is currently the head of the I.H.M.General Research Institute and President Emeritus of the International Water for Life Foundation, a Not for Profit Organization.

Mr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques. He freezes droplets of water and then examines them under a dark field microscope that has photographic capabilities. 

Some examples from his works include:

Water from clear mountain springs and streams had beautifully formed crystalline structures, while the crystals of polluted or stagnant water were deformed and distorted.

Distilled water exposed to classical music took delicate, symmetrical crystalline shapes. 

When the words "thank you" were taped to a bottle of distilled water, the frozen crystals had a similar shape to the crystals formed by water that had been exposed to Bach's "Goldberg Variations"- music composed out of gratitude to the man it was named for.

"Thank you"

"Adolf Hitler"

When water samples were bombarded with heavy metal music or labeled with negative words, or when negative thoughts and emotions were focused intentionally upon them, such as "Adolf Hitler", the water did not form crystals at all and displayed chaotic, fragmented structures.

Water when exposed to the words "you make me sick, I will kill you" :

Water when exposed to the words "Love and Appreciation" :

When water was treated with aromatic floral oils, the water crystals tended to mimic the shape of the original flower.

Sometimes, when we cannot see the immediate results of our affirmations and or prayers, we think we have failed.

But, as we learn through Masaru Emoto's photographs, that thought of failure itself becomes represented in the physical objects that surround us.

Now that we have seen this, perhaps we can begin to realize that even when immediate results are invisible to the unaided human eye, they are still there.

When we love our own bodies, they respond. When we send our love to the Earth, she responds.

For our own bodies at birth are more than 60 percent water, and the percentage of water in our bodies remains high throughout life (depending upon weight and body type).

The earth's surface is more than 60 percent water as well. And now we have seen before our eyes that water is far from inanimate, but is actually alive and responsive to our every thought and emotion.

Perhaps, having seen this, we can begin to really understand the awesome power that we possess, through choosing our thoughts and intentions, to heal ourselves and the earth. If only we believe.

Whether you participate in global meditations, or simply do this inner work in the quiet of your own loving mind and heart -- we can heal the body of our earth and recreate a clear, pristine world to hand down to our children for seven generations.

Believe in Positive Power of Thoughts

"The highest manifestation of strength is to keep ourselves calm and on our own feet."

Saturday, June 18, 2016

10 Tips to Simplify Your Life!

Over the last decade, life has consistently been enriched because of more and more facilities, on-going gadgets inventions and day by day increment in luxuries. This is quite exciting however during the same period of time, people have increased their love for materialistic things abruptly which has directly or indirectly reduced their overall happiness index. Now a days, we have more luxuries but less delights and high stress levels. We have more sugar, blood and heart patients then it used to be a decade back. The reason for all the stress and anxiety is simple that we are not living a simple life.

Below are some tips which can simplify your life and may amplify the happiness scale of your life.

1- Avoid getting influenced:

You don't have to follow every single trend in society. If your friend has purchased a new BMW, you don't need to buy a Mercedes to impress. Live for yourself not for others. If you purchase a high-end luxury car today, your love for this will end soon and you will be selling it at considerable financial loss though I am not forbidding to purchase luxury things once in a considerable duration of time.

2- Avoid impulse buying:

You don't need to buy every single gadget instantly which you like in this shop. Do your Needs Vs Wants analysis. Buy only if it is really increasing your peace of mind. Remember that now a days the standard life of every gadget (phone, tablet, laptop, jewelry etc) is more or less 6 months because of new and new products release by several companies.

3- The 6 months Rule:

Generally speaking, anything which has not been used in last 6 months will not be used in next 6 months most likely. Give such things (shoes, garments, toys, mobiles, house hold items) in charity. This will help spreading happiness in society and reducing your space at home.

4- Avoid Credit Cards Usage:

Avoid this as much as you can. Debt is a silent stress and eating up your mental health slowly. Your brain might get old while you are young at heart. You might develop high BP or sugar because of stress due to credit. Live a credit-free life.

5- Learn to say No:

Don't accept every single attractive offer from the bank representative or a car loan company. Do your "Needs Vs Wants" analysis. Careful spending is always recommended.

6- Reduce too much social gatherings:

Stay at home. Spend quality time with your spouse and kids for empowered relationships. You don't have to say yes every time to your friend who is coming to pick you from home to join another late night social get together.

7- Reduce your love for money:

Careful spending and saving is important but don't allow your brain to keep doing the calculations all day long. You love for money is pulling your brain strings and damaging your peace of mind silently. Stay away from too much thoughts about your financials.

8- Less TV more Books:

It is proven that people who watch more movies generate high level of stress. Read quality books to learn wisdom and attain high degree of happiness.

9- Spend time with Nature:

Instead of going to cinemas and malls repeatedly, spend time in parks. This will relax your brain, body and soul.

10- Change your eating habits:

Why eating lavish foods by visiting costly restaurants again and again in a week. The purpose of food is to fill your belly for some hours. So the suggestion here is to go for simpler and healthier food. Remember, most of the food items in the market are fried which are increasing your cholesterol level silently hence making you a heart patient in the long run!

Work on Your Real Wealth!
Live a Happy Life!

Maya Khanna

Have Fun

Lazy Girl's Guide To Work Out.

Exercises That You Can Do In Bed Every Morning!

Getting up early in the morning to exercise can be really painful, especially if you are a lazy bum. Well we know how difficult it can get to leave that cozy bed, but the good news is that now you don’t have to anymore. Here are a few exercises that you can do in bed to start your day fresh and healthy.

1. Locust pose

Strengthens the muscles of the spine, buttocks, and backs of the arms and legs.

2. Planking

Planking will help build a toned belly as your abdominal muscles become stronger and your mid-section tightens.

3. Push-ups

Push-ups not only improve your flexibility but also help to prevent injuries. A well-stretched muscle also gives a good-looking appearance and improves your posture.

4. Sit-ups and crunches

Sit-ups and crunches will help you burn calories and get washboard abs. But some of the enhanced benefits you’ll get are from the strengthening of your core and stabilising muscles, like the ones that protect your spine.

5. Stretches

It's very important to stretch your body like a baby when in bed, because it also helps prevent all the injuries while doing other exercises.

Live Healthy
Nishi Pari-Fropki

Generally people say, success knocks your door only once. But believers say, knock the door of success, until success opens the door!!!

Friday, June 17, 2016

One of The Most Horrifying Photograph Shot Ever

This startling photograph is acknowledged as one of the most horrifying photograph shot ever since the camera was invented.

Notice the vulture waiting for the child to die. 

This photo was shot in 1994 and won the Pulitzer Prize. The location is Sudan, outside a UN warehouse for storing food and grain received as humanitarian aid. Nobody knows what happened to the child.

But, Kevin Carter broke down mentaly after taking this picture and ultimately committed suicide within 3 months of taking this picture. This is what Kevin Carter wrote in his diary which was recovered after his death :

Dear God, I promise I will never waste my food no matter how bad it can taste and how full I may be. I pray that He will protect this little boy, guide and deliver him away from his misery. I pray that we will be more sensitive towards the world around us and not be blinded by our own selfish nature and interests. I hope this picture will always serve as a reminder to us that how fortunate we are and that we must never ever take things for granted."

Each one of us waste food just because we can afford to waste food. Despite all the technological advances made by man, it has not been possible to eliminate hunger. Hunger is not only caused by famine or failure of crops. It is also caused by war both internecine and external agressíon.

Can we, after seeing this photograph take a pledge not to waste food? 

Can we educate our children not to waste food? 

Can we share this picture with our friends and acquaintances and take a pledge to spread awareness, beyond the four walls of our home about the existence of hunger?

Please share this picture and spread the message through whatever medium that is available to you.

was received as a message and shared here